How to get to Koh Thmei Resort

How to get to Koh Thmei Island.

There are many flights from Bangkok in Thailand to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. It is easy and comfortable if you have already booked the connecting flight to Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville in your home country.

Once in Phnom Penh, there are numerous AC buses that run to Sihanoukville – every hour for most of the day. The Trip takes approximately 4 hours and costs 7-8 USD. The main bus companies are Sorya Transport, Mekong Express, and Capitol. A private taxi (departure Phsar Thmey) takes 3 to 4, hours and costs 60 USD.

If you travel from Bangkok you will need to book your trip at a Bangkok travel agency. The bus ticket will cost around 30 USD from Bangkok to Sihanoukville.

To enter Cambodia you will need a 30-day tourist visa (35 USD). For a few extra dollars, you can find an agency to do this for you – or failing it is possible to do it yourself with a little patience at the point of entry.

The trip from Koh Kong passes the Cardamom Mountains which are very beautiful. So day-time is recommended. But you might want to watch Ankor Wat first. Then, of course, the whole trip goes over Siem Riep and from there to Sihanoukville.

Whichever way you travel either from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville ask the driver to let you out in Ou Chamnar (Bat Kokir).

From there it is easy to hire a moto (2 USD) to take you to Koh Kchhang Fishing Village and our boat pier there.

If you let us know your arrival time we can arrange a boat to bring you here. One way 8,50 USD/person, children under 12 are free.

Here are a few pictures

These are the signs to follow when you arrive in Ou Chamnar by bus or when you turn off Route No. 4 by car.

Show this to the bus or taxi driver. It is the name of the village Ou Chamnar in Khmer:

The location name Ou Chamnar in Khmer.

There is a small concrete road that you follow for six kilometers on a moto. In the fishing village is a sign to turn left for 250 meters. At the sign with the boat and car walk right and walk down the pier. The boat will be waiting for you. The boat trip is 1 hour to our island.